I know this is my own site but... it's still a great service


WebDevortal is a personalizable start page created just for webmasters. You sign up (free) and get a personal "My WebDevPortal" page featuring sections like:

=> Site Design/Promotion Tip of the Day
=> Website Owner News
=> Search the Web (every homepage needs this!)
=> Featured Tool, Article, Survey of the Week
=> My Bookmarks (you enter your own bookmarks)
=> Check Your Email (if you sign up for free email)

Each section can be personalized or removed, you can strip your personal homepage down to simply the "Search the Web" section.

This service was made with webmasters in mind - and it's absolutely free and banner free too! (There are 4 88x31 buttons along the bottom but that's it. No other banners/full-size banners).