I'd like to study web development and have my own business in e-commerce
and build sites to market products and make money from the Internet.

There are a lot of universities that teach Web Development Bachelor
and internet marketing Bachelor such as Full Sail University and many others

But there is no such specialties in my country ( Syria ), and in order to learn web programming
I should first register in Information Systems Engineering Bachelor ( ISE ) or Information Technology Bachelor ( IT )
and then study Web Technologies Master or Web Sciences Master, I have registered ISE in SVU university www.svuonline.org and finished the first semester.

Now I feel a bit tired and frustrated because of the many materials that have nothing to do with the web like mathematics and electronics and others,
and a lot of people tell me that these materials help in the formation of the engineer personality, but they do not exist in the IT bachelor which you can
continue in the Web master after it !!!, and also they aren't exist in the other universities programs which teach web programming Bachelor for four years ...

I am 35 years old and I feel tired when I think about mathematics and electronics materials even though it was my dream for a long time,
I got in 2006 a scholarship to study computer science at the University of Bridge Port in the United States, but I could not travel ...

I have an associate degree in electronic engineering, the Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Intermediate Institute since 1998,
A + certification, MCSE certification and many certificates in programming from local institutes, but what I want to do now is to work in the field of web
and e-commerce, I spent many years of my life in studying what related to the Web and e-marketing (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Dreamweaver, WordPress,
search engine optimization (SEO)) through books and courses I download from the Internet and try to build up a special e-commerce site to market the
products of international companies like clickbank and morenich… But I want to improve my knowledge through the academic study ....

I hope you help me through your experience to select the best route to become professional in web design and development if you can:

- start from the edxcel Higher National Diploma ( 2 years and focus entirely on the subject of web and e-marketing ) and then continue Information
Technology in Greenwich university online through my university and then Web technologies Master or Web Science Master.
- or start from the It Bachelor? And IT is easier than ISE and after it I can also continue to the web Master.
- or stay in ISE? as all say to me, it's the best...
- or leave the university until I can register in one give a web development bachelor in another country.
- or permanently leave the university and try to continue by self study…

if I can study web master after both IT and ISE, why not choose the easiest way, what I just want is the science and knowledge …
I know many people who have their own work on the Internet without any college degree .

I hope that you advice me to get out of this problem and complete in the right way…

I am waiting for your Kind reply ...
Thanks to all...