I am thinking of finally breaking down and getting my 1st-ever wireless plan. (Just a "Data Plan" and non of that silly Cell-Phone stuff...)

So anyways, my question is this...

How does the security of Verizon's "JetPack" compare to a regular Wireless Modem?

Here is my understanding of how Wireless works...

When I use a free wireless connection (e.g. Panera, Denny's, McDonalds), basically everything I type can be seen by bad guys, right? (Does that include Log-In Credentials too??)

However, by buying a wireless plan with someone like Verizon, all communications between either the Jet Pack or Wireless Modem and Verizon's Wireless Towers would be encrypted, and therefore - in theory - totally safe, right?

So far, so good, right?

Now what my question deals with is whether I should go with a "Jet Pack" or "Wireless Modem"??

Again, here is my understanding of how things work...

With a Jet Pack, while Verizon says the communication between my Laptop and their Jet Pack is encrypted, I *believe* it can be broken into via a "Man-In-The-Middle" attack??

By contrast, by going with their Wireless Modem, it would be "hard-wired" with my Laptop via the USB port. And so, my Laptop would be communicating with Verizon's Wireless Towers *entirely* over an encrypted connection. So, in theory, all of my activity/communication over the wireless network would be *secure*.

How does that sound?

(If all of that is true, about the only downside I can see to going with the Wireless Modem, is that I'd only be able to use it with one computer at a time. And this could be a slight pain, since I am planning on buying a new MacBook to use *exclusively* for managing my web server. So, in that case, I wouldn't be able to do things like listen to a radio show on this laptop while managing my web server on my new MacBook.)