I have a php template which has a form in it.The user will fill this form and hit submit,but I don't want the data to go directly into the database.First I want to show a confirmation page about the things the user just typed.so I'm gonna need two buttons here.A submit and a back button.
The thing I did is that I use a php controller to start the form template at first when nothing has been set for my values(with an if statement).So the form loads.The user fills the information and hits the submit button.As I set the action of the form to "?confirmation",my controller will load again and this time it knows that it should load the confirmation page.I save the values of the form,in some variables,and then my controller loads the confirmation page,and by using the variables I created,shows the user what he/she just wrote.
What I can't figure out is the rest of the work.1-I can't pass the variables back to the controller.2-I can't quite figure out how the back button should work

So I need some advice.And if there is a better idea for doing this,i'd be more than happy to take it
thanks in advance
best regards