Every time i ask why i don't have good traffic i get a lot of answers:
-i didn't optimize my website for SEO
-No back links
-add website to social networks
-Get great content
Well i did everything i could do for optimizing my website but i didn't get any result! For back linking,i tried to exchange links with others but it was useless.Then i asked how to get back links they said forum posting,and i got a big list of forums. Many of those forums don't give you a do follow link!

Next step was the blog commenting! You never knows if they gonna approve your comment or simply put them in the trash!
Buying links.....oh no Google will penalize your website!!!

So let us move to social networks! I have 370 follower on twitter,i never get 1 visit from twitter!
Facebook is worst!

Get great content,i did using guest blogging and till now iam happy to see 1 or 2 visitors/ day!

Is there anyway to get links i mean quality links? please if you want to answer my question tell me in details what should i do! Iam sick of the general answers which all of us know!!