I was at the Post Office today and bumped into a lady who does Foreign Language Translation Services.

We had a nice long talk, and it got me to wondering if maybe I should do "localization" of my website.

Now, up front, I'll admit a lot of my interest in this is for the "romance" and nothing practical, but you never know, maybe it would be a good idea?!

So I have these questions...

1.) What justification does a Business/Website need to take the "Localization Leap"?

2.) Can a Website be successful if only a portion of the Content is "localized"?

3.) Does "localization" mean that you need staff who speak that language?

4.) If you only partially "localize" your website, can that do more harm than good? (Maybe it would "frustrate" people in the foreign tongue who like what they see and read, but who don't have a chance to get the "full" experience that - in my case - an English speaking person would...)

Right now my website is about providing *free* content. If and when I am able to build a large online following, then I hope to turn-the-switch on the E-commerce portion, and start making $$$ by charging people for Content, whether it be Pay-per-View Articles, Books, CDs, Lectures, etc.

With that being said, it is conceivable that I could "localize" some of my site and have customers in Germany or France or Argentina, but who knows?!

Does anyone have any "hands on" experience in this area?

And what do you say in response to my questions above??