Hello all,

I have a new problem with my #submissionform box on my website here. Again, to reach this form, you must insert some valid e-mail format inside the "join the mailing list" bit in the bottom-right corner. I noticed this was a problem after I tried to make a style adjustment that only applies to Chrome/Safari webkit browsers (trying to make the padding the same). Instead of getting the styles applied to only those browsers, the below code makes Firefox, or other browsers, add an extra pixel or two to the padding after an input field has been activated/received focus. So, the form becomes longer.

How can I make these styles only affect Chrome & Safari? Or is there another explanation as to why the form becomes taller?

I believe it has to do with this target, which is at the very bottom of the stylesheet:
@media screen and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio:0) {
	#submissionform div{padding-bottom:1px;}
Thanks, all!

Edit: the original objective of adding in the padding was to create a little space in between the input elements, so they aren't sitting right on top of each other, all scrunched up