I built a web page with 6 div sections using Dreamweaver CS4: the container that everything fits into, and then it's divided into a header, a left side bar, a right side bar, and main content and a footer.

The header just has an image in it. The right side bar has 4 images in it, and the footer some text.

The left side bar has a menu: a vertical spry menu. All but one of them are just single items, the other opens up into 6 more options.

The main content panel has spry tabs in them, If I delete these tabs or remove just one section of the tabs, there is a problem with my vertical spry menu: I can't access the second level of the menu: it's like it's no longer there. When I look at the code, everything is just fine. I compared the two codes (before and after I did the edit), and there is nothing changed.

Here is the original page: http://www.fixit2sellit.com/test-ind...0conetent.html
And here it is with one section of the spry tabs removed: http://fixit2sellit.com/new-look-index.html

Now I know there are tons of things wrong with these two pages, but I only want to get this vertical menu fixed.