I am hoping someone can advise before I lose all sanity!

Someone is graciously translating my website into Farsi and sending me the text in Word format (reads perfectly as one would expect) but when I copy it into Dreamweaver CS6 is goes awry. For example parenthesis (text) is replaced by )text( as well as exclamation marks ending up in the wrong place completely. If the pages were just Farsi it's simple but I have mixed Unicode characters and there doesn't seem to be a setting within HTML5 for bidirectional; that I can see. I am clearly out of my depth here, I freely admit that.

  • I am importing the Arabic font within CSS to display the Farsi text correctly (but do I also require Western fonts listed within CSS?)
  • I have created a specific CSS file just for Farsi, else it reads in reverse with the exception of Western fonts.
  • I have the main template set as dir="rtl" (I know this is causing Western characters to reverse, but I don't know how to fix it)

I am not a web designer, this is just a hobby so I don't fully understand code and learning the hard way. If there is anyone who could advise would be very greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance,