So, I am wrapping up v2.0 of my website - and being the masochist that I am - I have decided to try and create a well-thought-out Help section?!

But I have no idea of where to begin?! (And considering that I am tired, burnt out, and cranky when it comes to my website, I want to do a good job, but not linger too long on this!!)

So, can you guys help me figure out what would be the most effective...

1.) Content Structure

2.) Content make a "Help" section for my website?

For example, I don't know if creating FAQ's is enough?

Or should I be pro-active, and address issues before they happen (i.e. educate people so I don't need FAQ's)?

Or should I write Moby Dick?

Something else?

Finally, I am *hoping* I can do this all on one static HTML page, so I don't end up spending another month or two building so elaborate Help section...