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on that main homepage, there's an arrow image that appears next to the text and on other pages, there's like a paint brush like rollover where the under line looks like a paintbrush stroke underneath each text with that typewriter font.
Don't worry, it's all doable.

i have an arrow icon next to it on rollover. (javascript or css?)
CSS is the way to do there. It's quite straightforward to do CSS rolloevers.

is javascript for rollovers like yesterday's news? or just bad practice nowadays?

Then i got the problem of having a designer who doesn't know if they have the license for the fonts.
As mentioned, if the font has licensing restrictions, it will be easy to find a web-ready equivalent that looks very similar. There are thousands of options out there.

or has css advanced to a point where we no longer use images as buttons.
My preference is to use text if possible, but sometimes it's not possible, such as with an arrow or something.

the only time we do that is using a span and styling it's background as that button image?
There are more options than that.

i'm quite confused.
You are biting off a big mouthful at once ... and you're not being helped by a designer that doesn't understand the web. O well, not an uncommon scenario.