I have the following query pulling records from a database where the main documents column has 2078 rows.

SELECT 	  search_fhwa.id
	, search_fhwa.document_title
        , search_fhwa.link
        , search_fhwa.date_issued_text
        , search_fhwa_order.category_name
        , search_offices.office_name
        , search_offices.office_acronym
        , search_fhwa_disc.adiscipline
        , search_fhwa_sub.bsubdiscipline
FROM ( ( ( ( ( search_fhwa
LEFT JOIN search_offices
	ON search_offices.office_id = search_fhwa.office_id
INNER JOIN search_fhwa_order
	ON search_fhwa_order.cat_id = search_fhwa.cat_id
LEFT JOIN search_sub 
	ON search_sub.doc_id = search_fhwa.id
LEFT JOIN search_fhwa_sub  
	ON search_fhwa_sub.sub_id = search_sub.sub_id
LEFT JOIN search_fhwa_disc 
	ON search_fhwa_disc.disc_id = search_fhwa_sub.parent_id
ORDER BY search_fhwa.id, search_fhwa.office_id
Where the results display, I am grouping the results by ID (in ColdFusion, this is <cfoutput query="ListDocs" group="id">)

Unfortunately, I get 2224 rows, and not the 2078 like I should. Something is getting pulled out twice, but I'll be darned if I can see where. I'm hoping some extra eyes will help.