Good Morning

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks researching Google optimisation. I thank you in advance for any assistance that you are able to offer.

I just have a couple of questions to ask specific to the following website : -

This company offer several different services in several towns.

My questions are as follows.

How many towns should I aim for on one page? I read that the title and H1 tag should only have 3 keywords. Does that mean that I should aim for the service and two towns? So the electrician page should say something like ‘electricians in Ealing and Acton.’ Or could I add more towns?

On the homepage, I take it that I would pick the main service only, and stick to optimising for this service in several towns? Rather than optimising for several services and several towns on the home page (as is currently the case.)

Thank you for your help, I appreciate any comments