So I changed domains right. I 301 redirected all the old domains files to the new domains root via a htaccess sitting on the old. All went perfect. So in theory Google would transfer most of the old site juice to the new one. It remained like for about 3 weeks or so. Then 10 days ago (I just found out) somehow my old domain got deleted off godaddy. So no more redirect. Just went to a parked godaddy page. I called them and they fixed it. I have no idea how that happened. Maybe hacked. Maybe I did a stupid click or two in my sleep. My traffic went from 60,000 last month to 20,000 this month. So I saw the hit.

Googling the old domain google only shows the parked page. So google has seen it. Presumably google also saw the 301 redirect a few weeks back too. So now that the old site is back up with the 301 back in place how will google proceed???

1) Will it continue as nothing happened and reinstate all my old authority juice flowing into the new?

2) Or will google think the site was deleted and therefore removed all instances of it from its databasis and therefore no more trust juice flowing into new domain?

3) Or did Google already see the redirect and so none of this matters? That one I doubt because I read from google a longtime ago that one should keep their old page up for about 6 months before removing.

See this is a guess-ta-ment answer at best. I think the only person that could truely answer this is Google itself.