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    Layout Design Inspiration for an online course kind of website

    Hello everyone!

    I hope this is the right place to post these kind of questions because I'm unable to find one with google. Anyways here goes, I'm designing a website for a friend that's creating an online course with weekly videos along with download-able pdf's, mp3's, etc. It will be a year long course so there will be a lot of links appearing. Is there a certain category this kind of design falls under that has alot of examples already? I assumed "education" but alot of css design showcase websites do not seem to have it.

    Thank you for your help and suggestions.

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    Hi AliTT. Welcome to the forums.

    I guess you could search for educational websites, or perhaps sign up to a site like to see how they present courses.

    Really, though, the best way to design a site is to look at the content you have, and work out the most logical presentation for that content. This is the best way to design, rather than just jamming your content into a design for some other purpose. It's not hard to add a bit of decoration after that.


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