I'm following the manual installation of MySql described in Kevin Yank's PHP & MYSQL Novice to Ninja, Fifth Edition, 2012.

The first steps work all fine. Now I don't understand this:

One last task you'll want to do is add the/usr/local/mysql/bin directory to your system path. Doing this enables you to run programs like mysqladmin and mysql in the Terminal without typing out their full paths. Pop open a new Terminal window and type these commands:

Machine:∼ user$ sudo su
sh-3.2# echo '/usr/local/mysql/bin' >> /etc/paths.d/mysql
sh-3.2# exit

I did that.

Close the terminal window and open a new one to allow this change to take effect. Then, with your MYSql server running, try running the mysqladmin program from your home directory.

I did that. But what is it exactly?


Machine:∼ user$ mysqladmin status

Here I get this message:

Last login: Sun Mar 24 17:23:59 on ttys000
Carolinas-MacBook-Pro:~ Carolina S$ mysqladmin status
-bash: mysqladmin: command not found
Carolinas-MacBook-Pro:~ Carolina S$

The book says: if everything worked the way it's supposed to, you should see a brief list of statistics about your MySql server. Obviously after that last message I don't get this. ]

But Mysql works: switches on and off.