We are attempting to build a website that showcases many points of interest throughout the world. We are making this site in China.

We have started off small, creating each point of interest manually (a few hundred), but we are fully aware there is probably a better way.

I can't find much material to say if Google Places is accessible within China, and they don't allow caching of the data from what I gather.
Without having to manually create a database, are there any options? I've looked at factual.com, which looks sort of promising - and the option to download data.

If you have used the Expedia Hotel API, you will know it offers downloadable databases of all the hotels they offer. We are looking for something like that, but for points of interest, attractions and so on.
Does it exist? Other than Factual, I have not had a lot of success

Or - if our approach is wrong, some guidance in the right direction would be handy.

than you