Hey all,

Recently launched a new company called MetaBright and would love some feedback. People use MetaBright to prove and showcase their knowledge, especially around programming related skills. We're trying to address what we see as the failings of the resume. Resumes do a really poor job communicating how talented someone is. This is especially true if you happened to be self-taught, or don't have a stellar work experience or professional background. With MetaBright you can prove your knowledge, show off your creativity, and point to real-world examples of your mastery.

I'd love for your feedback wherever you feel inspired to give it, but I'm specifically interested in what you think of our sign-up flow. We don't prompt people to sign up until we're really sure they like MetaBright, but we realize we may be losing a few people because of this strategy. Once you take a few Challenges, you should get prompted to sign up. Hopefully you'll find the whole thing a lot of fun.

Our homepage: http://www.metabright.com

If you're a Ruby programmer: http://www.metabright.com/challenges/rubyonrails
If you're a CSS developer: http://www.metabright.com/challenges/css
If you're a jQuery hero: http://www.metabright.com/challenges/jquery