I am having trouble adding a new line using javascript reference in SharePOint 2010 CEWP Content editor web part in IE8. The code below works until i try to add the new line.Has anyone had success with using the newline command in CEWPs? Where exactly do they go and how are they written? thanks dave (newbie)

I have tried the following on their own lines and in a line of code

and also the html equivalents


var formLink2 = (location.href);

var re2 = new RegExp(".*RootFolder=");

var re1 = new RegExp("&GroupString.*TRUE");

var myRelatives = formLink2.replace(re2, "");

var myRelatives2 = myRelatives.replace(re1, "");


var infoPathForm = "REDACTED\/_layouts\/FormServer\.aspx\?



document.write('Conflict of Interest Form'.link(infoPathForm)) ;

// here is where I would like the break.