Hello. I have fairly recently started a website www.ubereadoolische.com for the clubbing scene in my local area and have just done an interview with someone which I wanted to have ready today but I have problems.

I am still new to HTML5 and CSS3 so they are probably simple errors.

In decreasing order of importance my problems are:

1. Half of the text does not appear in IE. I assume this is something to do with me using markers such as p5 which seems to work on Chrome but not IE.
2. The pictures do not load on Firefox.
3. The Facebook share link does not use the relevant photo at the top and uses one from the older separate feature on the page.
4. The text after some of the links in the interview are going straight to a new line rather than just continuing in one sentence.

I could probably figure it out with enough time but I promised my interviewee that I would have it up today to help with their promotion so any advice appreciated if only number 1 is resolved that would be satisfactory.

Any advice for a beginner would be much appreciated.