I have been researching for my ideas, and before I start to make purchases wanted to ask the knowledgeable folks on this forum for some advice, to make sure I am heading in the right direction.

Summary/Background: I want to start creating websites, I come from an entrepreneurial family and would like to manage the website for my family business, as I feel that I can make them better and bring in more business for them. I also plan on starting my own accounting firm in the future, and feel that having the ability to create dynamic websites will be crucial to my success, as people assume that if you are in the top spot on google - you are the best.

To reflect these goals, I am going to create a few websites - 2 to be specific:

- Wordpress Blog
- Online Portfolio where I can practice new skills and have real world applications of what I learn, etc (I will use the portfolio to create mock websites for my family businesses in an attempt to convince my family members to hand over the handling of their websites to me) I will need to create forms, responsive websites, ... we're talking Restaurants, Real Estate Rentals, Real Estate/Commercial Developers, Roller Skating Rinks, Towing & Automotive Repair, etc.

The route I am going to be going is Adobe Creative Cloud. I read that Dreamweaver can be used to update WP, which is great.

When I go to host these two websites, I went to "justhost" as they were ranked #1 on a few places I looked. I'm willing to throw down cash if it will benefit me in the long run. I also noticed that wordpress will give me a domain name and host my website, for $13 per year which is significantly cheaper than justhost.

My main question: Are there any advantages to hosting a wordpress blog on a hosting service such as justhost over hosting a wordpress blog on wordpress?

This is where I'm at, and where I am going. I thank everyone who reads this, and anyone who is willing to give me words of wisdom! Right now I have a monthly subscription to lynda.com along with reading websites such as w3schools, codeacademy, etc. I love the internet, and look forward to starting this journey! I look forward to hearing what folks have to think as well!