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    Can Somebody PLEASE Get This Script to Work With XHTML?

    I'm using the script found at the page below. The problem is I've converted my entire site to XHTML only to find the Tooltip script I'm using is having problems due to the XHTML doctype. I have a page that scrolls three screen sizes and I cannot split it up into different pages or move the tooltip links closer together.

    With HTML doctype the tooltips popup right next to the link. With XHTML doctype they popup at the very top of the page so you can't see the tooltips when you've scrolled down the page.

    Can somebody PLEASE take a look at the script found at this page and see if you can get it to work so it appears next to the link in XHTML? I would REALLY appreciate it. This dang thing has wasted hours of my time and I cannot figure it out!

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