Hi! I started about a month ago a website... I don't have no backlinks for it but very good, original content and articles are plenty. I tried to qualify the site for the keyword: "web design" and general searches on Google, not regional ones. I know it might be a very competitive keyword... but after all I read all the SEO "experts" said that the content is the most important, the content is "the king" and so on... And I must agree, the content should be the king but in my case it looks like it isn't No after all this work I don't really want to do next... continue adding content, start a blog, or just pay for SEO, or just start to submit the site to directories or such other techniques myself... Is the site too young? Are just too few backlinks? I think I have just one from Google and one from Yahoo

I looked at the first 10 sites that are on the first page on Google for the 'web design' keyword search... some of them have no relevant content about web design, some are just businesses, advertising sites. The Wikipedia page has like *100 less info about web design then my site and still is on the first place... What can I say... NO COMMENT!