Hi there,

I've been looking around for a slider for a new site that I'm designing and have so far only come across a "premium" solution. Thing is, I only want to have one version of the slider they have on offer for $12 which can be seen here: http://dimsemenov.com/plugins/royal-...video-gallery/. I know $12 doesn't seem a lot but to be honest I'd like to have something which I can play around with for free before I commit to any payment - and besides I'd like the freedom to be able to publish it to any sites I build, not just have the one licence.

So in short, does anyone know of an open-source version of the above?



EDIT: Just to make people aware (it does say on the site as well) that I'm looking for something which will support more than just videos - any content that I can wrap inside a DIV