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Yes, with unlink. Just delete the uploaded file once you're done with it (stored, resized it, etc).
Without posting my entire script here, which file(s) should I be deleting?

Towards the top of my script I have...
PHP Code:
    if (empty($errors)){
// Valid Form Data.
if (empty($_FILES['userPhoto']['tmp_name'])){
// No File.
$errors['upload'] = 'Choose a File.';

// File exists.
$tempFile $_FILES['userPhoto']['tmp_name'];

// Invalid Form Data.
        // Drop through to display Errors.


In a lot of my "upload.php" script I use $tempFile to check if the uploaded photo is "clean".

But then once I start working with GD, I am working a lot with functions which create an "Image Resource Identifier".

So what about these snippets of code...

PHP Code:
    $origImage = @imagecreatefromgif($tempFile); 
PHP Code:
    $newTrueColorImage = @imagecreatetruecolor($newWidth$newHeight); 
PHP Code:
    $resizedImage = @imagecopyresampled($newTrueColorImage$origImage0000$newWidth$newHeight$origWidth$origHeight); 
PHP Code:
    $newPhoto = @imagegif($newTrueColorImage$newFilePath); 

Follow me??

Based on my understanding of things, it seems like I need to delete either $_FILES or $_FILES['userPhoto']['tmp_name'] at the very end of my script like this...

PHP Code:

PHP Code:

But what about the intermediary "Image Resource Identifiers"??

And maybe there are some other files I am missing??