Hei guys I am new to this forum and I great you all!
I have a small question. I would like to create a site related to immigration from Italy, my country of origin, to USA and backwards.
However, as a main content I will have news related to what is happening in the USA and in Italy, news gathered from several Italian and American online newspapers. The main language will be Italian and I hope to offer good info on what documents are needed to complete the various types of immigration, what to do when you are in USA and what not to do.

My questions are:
- if I gather news bulletins and adapt them by translating and referring to all the original sources with a small description, will this be illegal? How can I have news if I do not own a news company, I find this very difficult to understand.
- if I give suggestions on what are the procedures to be followed in USA, but after 2 months something changes and somebody goes in trouble by following an outdated solution given on my website, will that be a problem for me?

I have serious trouble understanding how can i generate content if the only working team is myself.

Your help is kindly appreciated,
Best regards