Hi all

Going nuts here, having problems loading sound.

Ideally what I want to do is just load an .swf (test.swf) set up like this:

layer 1, frame 1 - stop();
layer 2, frame 1 - image of a circle

layer 2, frame 2 - image of a square
layer 3, frame 2 - sound starts here (timeline continues until sound ends)

I want to load it into a holding movie 'SoundHolder' like this

loadmovie ("test.swf", "_root.SoundHolder");

Then tell it to go to frame two when I need to use the sound:


This isn't working.

I also tried looking into the Sound Object in MX but can't get this working either! (I have the very latest player)

My code looks like this:

mySound = new Sound(this)
mySound.onLoad = function () {
mySound.start(0, 100)

any help would be much appreciated, like I said method one is how I'd prefer to do it.