I'm attempting to get into the domain business. So I created a account at the leading domain forum. Just like Sitepoint. If your going to be a successful Web Designer then you have to post here. I posted once. Then I had just set up my new domain associated with my new business. So I wanted to change my username and email. So I just made a new account. Apparently that's bad. Because they immediately banned the new account. The following all happened in a 8 hour period. I logged back in with my old account and PM'd a mod explaining I had no mal intentions and to please reopen the other account and close the one I'm currently using. He DID, but told me to NEVER open a new account again. But apparently the other mods didn't get the memo because after successfully logging in and making a post that account was banned again. Good thing I have a lot of emails. So I created another account and PM'd him again telling him the funny story. He apparently did not bother to read the story because he banned the 3rd account in 5 minutes and emailed me with a lot of mean yelling words. At this point I was like OMG. So I made a 4th account and PM'd him a simple strait to the point PM headed "please read". He banned it before I could even finish the PM. I figured he could see my IP address because otherwise how would he know. Well I guess thats it then huh. I have more emails but this guy obviously has it in for whom he thinks I am and there seems not much I can do about it. I could register using my iphone (dif IP) and petition another head mod. But based on this guys emails and profile pic I dont want him thinking I'm cyber stalking his forum. Very weird huh.