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    Weird rendering thing in N7,Moz 1 - any help?

    I recently re-worked my personal blog and used table free CSS layout. It works in most browsers. I admit I have yet to check on Mac browsers - keeping fingers crossed on that at the moment.

    However, I have a strange thing happening on Mozilla 1/Phoenix/Netscape 7. On some pages, occassionally the right hand nav disappears and floats underneath the man content. However, if I CTRL+R to reload, it pops right back into place.

    It's intermittent, but annoying all the same. I assume that it is a CSS quirk relating to the float:left/float:right property, but don't know if there is a way to stop this fault occuring.

    Can anyone suggest how to resolve this?

    Here's the URL (with a repeat offending page):

    Thanks, all you good people :-)
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    Hmm... I just checked on my PC (running Win 2k) with Internet Explorer 6, Moz 1.02, Moz 1.3, and NS 7 and it worked fine on all of them.

    Only IE6 had that problem on the very first load :-P

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