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    How to write the email?

    A customer from England have brought some products from our company new website . The first time he placed the order and didn't pay the payment. then i wrote an email to ask him "His the first customer placing an order of my site. Glad that he have lot of interests to some products on my site. I sincerely hope the transaction can be concluded." then he made the payment to my paypal.

    but now the pity thing is that there is only one product being out of work. i have wrote two emails to the customer and ask him" would he mind choosing a new one to replace and hope he can give me a response,but he didn't do nothing. and give me a back email."

    i very very expect i can do this order success.i am chinese, so my English is not very good. i want to write an email again. how should i write? many thanks.

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    you got your payment, what else you need. if customer wants something more he will automatically come. Also its better you make a template of email which you can use to send many time, instead of writing every time from scratch

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    It is difficult working with a foreign language and you are doing well . The problem comes in the order and selection of the words not just the translation as they can mean different things.

    I am afraid that I do not understand everything you say in your post.

    I assume that the original item selected from your website is out of stock and could he choose a different item from the options on your website.
    If so it would also be nice to offer him his money back if none of the other items are satisfactory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KKK0 View Post
    you got your payment, what else you need. if customer wants something more he will automatically come.
    That's the wrong attitude. Runeveryday (the vendor in this case) might have got his money, but the customer hasn't got his goods. (At least, that's what I understand from the original question). The vendor is quite rightly trying to put the situation right.

    It's no good saying the customer will automatically come back. He might not, in which case you end up with an unhappy customer who might then tell his friends (or the world) about the poor service he received.

    Runeveryday, if your problem is not knowing how to write the email in English, you should look for someone who can do a translation for you. You might have a Chinese friend who speaks English well enough, or it might be worth paying a translation agency to do it.



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