Well I havn't asked a qustion for ages so I thought I would give all you people a test .

I have never really been big on using javascript or DHTML but I had a go at doing this and failed. I am currently building my portfolio site and I wanted something a bit more impressive to what I am used to designing so I came up with this idea:

I will have a square of little boxes (3x3 at the minute) that have a picture to do with the site I designed (very abstract ) and then once the mouse is pointed on one of these pictures a layer with apear with a screenshot, link and information on the site etc and then this wont disapear untill another picture is pointed to and then that layer will hide and the new information etc. is brought up.

I hope you understand what I am trying to do as I am not too sure whether I do . I don't really want to use Flash as I don't own a copy and please don't just give me a link to a DHTML ste as I think I have been to everyone on the internet.