So I've got a locations map that I'm authoring in flash. Each location (about 60 of them) has basically the same information to be displayed (IE: City, Province/State, Country, Phone, Fax and on).

I used XML for the first round but that's proving to be more work than needed and difficult for the client to work with. So what I have now is text files and I use the LoadVars object to load and make use of the information.

My problem is, some of the cities have more than one location. Calgary has 3 locations in example. In my text files, I have the varibles listed as loc01city, loc01phone - loc02city, loc02phone. What I need to do, is be able to burn though and get all of this information out and displayed in a popup window I've got in the movie. I don't want to have to hard code for every location.

I've got one movie that is the main movie, then the popup box that houses the info is a new movie that is brought in with loadMovie when it's needed.

Does this make sense? I'm not sure it makes sense to me anymore! All in all, I simply want to make this thing as update and programmer friendly as possible. I want all the info to be held in the text files and only have to code basically once.

Any help (or ideas) would be great. I really do want to steer clear of XML on this one. I've also got to have this ready to go by Monday morning!