"People may claim to hate puns, but most true word lovers have groaned to love them" - Jay Heinrichs.

Due to the success of our initial PUNtest, we want to challenge you again.

Apply your best paronomasia skills to win Sitepoint prizes!!

We want to see your best effort, manipulating the English language, to fabricate puns.

Here is an example:
Phrase -
Phil wanted to become a Hot Air Balloon Pilot
Possible answers (entries):
On his resume, Phil's description of his experience is HIGHLY INFLATED
Phil's friends say he always has his head in the clouds
Here are the rules:
  • Reply to this thread with a post that is a pun on the Phrase provided
  • Please NO REPLIES to comment on the thread
  • Keep your response to one or two sentences only
  • After collecting a list of "groaners" we will post a poll put it to a vote
  • The author of the puniest response will have a choice of Sitepoint e-books

Here is the phrase you must use:
Ed was a teacher who knows nothing about websites. He wants to be a content writer. How should he begin?

*Sorry, English only.