Okay, I thought of getting an article reviewed here, but the site says, I do not have the required permissions to get an article reviewed, I don't know what It means, may be I need to read the guidelines, thoroughly , which I will eventually. I still have a question, may be silly, I have always been told to ask questions, no matter how ever silly they be, so here I am with another of my silly question to you all Okay I just read the rules for review and If I have understood them correctly, to have an article of mine reviewed , I should have reviewed 3 of someone else work , I am a newbie, wet behind the ears, what can I comment about, I wonder lol


If I submit an article for review here or for that matter on any writing forums, and then finally submit that article either on my blog , or publish, or send it to my client or a blogger who accepts guest post, wouldn't there be a conflict? cause if he does a Google check he can see the article on this site as well.

Hope you are getting my point.

Clarifications, are appreciated.

Thanks in advance.