Hey guys,

I've done some Joomla-managed sites before, and working on a Wordpress one at the moment. Let me tell you what I know before I ask my question.


- Taken a few general programming courses
- Familiar with HTML (CSS, not as much)
- Don't really know any web languages like PHP
- Do know some basic SQL
- Familiar with Photoshop

I feel I've dabbled in a few things, but largely work from a CMS, and know just enough to customize and mess around with it to achieve what I want to a fair degree. I've been reading about things like the New York Times' and Crackberry.com's site redesign recently.

Stuff like that energizes me. Looking at a team with a goal to RE-ENGINEER an entire site based on some goal is fascinating, both its process and implementation. I want to be able to not simply DEPEND on others' templates, but actually create things of use that work and function on the web. Given that I like designing some graphical work, I also want it to look amazing.

What do you guys think my next step is? I feel I need to learn some web languages (PHP? JQuery?), but am not sure which ones. CSS is basic, and though it sounds basic to learn that, do you guys think that's super-relevant right now? I feel a little lost. Any insight or perspective or comments, period, would be appreciated.

Thanks folks.