Google announced today that Google Reader is going to the waste side, so what RSS reader does everyone else use? I'm currently testing feedly, the old reader, and will be trying tiny tiny rss.

I'm not sold on any of them yet (granted I haven't tried tiny tiny rss yet). So maybe, others could chime in with your favorites and why they like them. The biggest component I enjoyed about Google Reader was the ease in tagging articles, emailing them, or starring them for later.

So far others have fallen short in the tagging and emailing. For example, in Feedly, it is hard to re-tag an article (if it already has a tag, you can't easily add another... actually you might be unable to do multiple tags). In the old reader, I can't figure out how to tag at all!

So what are you using? Does it support tagging (this is my biggest MUST HAVE)?