Hello People, My first post on here. I couldnt find a forum for FMS so, i hope i have posted this question in the correct place. I am new to the Flash Media Server gig. I have just installed Adobe Media. I have been reading some docs and watching some tutorials. My question is about sending and receiving messages to a specific peer using rtmfp. Im aware to send messages directly to another peer, peers needs to know the peerID of their counterparts. But how do you get access to the peersID?

Finally, can you please look at these codes below. Has you can see i am in the process of sending a message. The second example i am using the NetGroup method. First example i added time to make the message unique. Is there a significant difference or advantage with either method?

I hope you didnt get bored reading my post. Thanks

function send():void{
var object:Object = new Object();
object.message = "";
object.time = new Date(). time;

function sendMessage():void{
message:Object = new Object();
message.destination = ConvertPeerIDToGroupAddress(nc.nearID);
message.value = "";