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  • ...knows about forms and lists; comments in classes are good; and remember you should always agree with the head.

    2 25.00%
    1. crazzilla,
    2. Stevie D
  • He thought that going from teaching to EDiting was easy... but found that now is Teach-Ed time

    0 0%
  • With regular meditation, and lots of writing practice, he'll be contentEd.

    4 50.00%
    1. cpradio,
    2. ParkinT,
    3. ronpat,
    4. ScallioXTX
  • He should look at the web side of life, lest he never be content!

    0 0%
  • ...knows that girls will hike up their skirts to get markup. He has a lot of the elements and attributes needed already.

    2 25.00%
    1. molona,
    2. xhtmlcoder
  • Ed learned how to use WordPress, so he would not need to learn HTML. Thus he became a contented content writer.

    0 0%
  • He went from a blackboard to BlackBoard, but he did such a bad job that they called him Special Ed.

    0 0%
  • Out with the blackboard, in with the keyboard.

    0 0%