The host your site section on the SitePoint forums is here to discuss anything related to hosting, domain names, server configuration and server software configuration.

These forums are not to be used a springboard by hosters to advertise their services through creating threads with offers or responding to offer request from other forum members either in a post, private message, or e-mail.

  • If you are a host or registrar, you may not advertise, link or post an offer via these forums, PM or email
    • If someone posts an unfavorable review regarding you or your company, you may post a reply. You must be civil; anything that looks like it's heading for a flame war will be cleaned up there and the participants dealt with.
    • If you feel a review is unfairly biased, you're welcome to either report the post or PM a forum moderator and we can sort it out from there.

  • If someone wants hosting and states their requirements in a thread
    • you may not post an offer
    • you may not send an offer via private message
    • you may not email an offer to this person
    • you CAN tell them all about your fantastic host (not if it's your own)
    • you CAN tell them about a neat offer you've seen around (not if it's your own)

  • "Coupon Code" threads are abusing the NO AFFILIATE LINK policy and are filling this forum with SPAM. Therefore, all "Coupon Code" threads will be immediately removed. Further postings will be infracted as a violation of SitePoint's prohibition of affiliate links.

    Don't worry, if you REALLY want to find coupon codes, you can search for them as they're all over the place - just no longer acceptable at SitePoint for the affiliate link policy.

  • When you recommend a host, you MUST state which domains (without http:// or www) you have hosted with them AND that you are not affiliated with that host except as a customer. Failure to do so will cause the post to be removed.

  • Too many small hosts are posting "fluff" by asking budget, control panel, etc., questions which are of no value to the original poster and only serve to show their signatures. This type of "fluff" post WILL result in an infraction with the result that the poster will soon be banned. PLEASE do not risk a ban as your contributory posts are valued!

  • Signature guidelines have been relaxed, i.e., you may use your signature to advertise your site, offers, etc., so long as they are not offensive. A full list of signature rules can be found in the SitePoint forums FAQ.

  • If you are a member, you are free to contact hosts/registrars posting in the forum.
    • Please note that you should contact any host you are considering before signing up; all hosts/registrars in this forum have contact information in their signatures.
    • do NOT post affiliate links!

  • Host reviews are not allowed in any of our forums.
    Since the Review a Host forum closed, Host reviews are no longer allowed anywhere in the forums. For more information, see the announcement about this.

  • When you need to refer to a URL, please don't use the actual URL but an example URL, preferably,, etc, which were set up specifically to use as examples. Also, when the URLs are for illustrative purposes only, please untick the "Automatically parse links in text" option when posting, or use the BB code [noparse][/noparse] to prevent the URL from being "linkified" (which may cause to appear shortened which really doesn't help). i.e., [noparse][/noparse].