The Fonts and Colors Used by Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Adam Roberts

Sometimes it’s handy to have a collection of the brand assets used by various social networks, so you can correctly incorporate those assets into your own work. Bookmark this page to make sure you use the correct brand details in your next project.


Fonts – Lucida Grande/Tahoma (Web), Helvetica/Roboto (Mobile)

Facebook favours Lucida Grande (Mac) and Tahoma (PC) for its text in the web interface, and for mobile, uses the system defaults Helvetica Neue (iOS) and Roboto (Android).

Colors – #3b5998

The main ‘Facebook blue’ color has a hex value of #3b5998 and the RGB values: 59, 89, 152 #FFFFFF. The full palette used on the site is viewable here.

More information on Facebook branding here.


Fonts – Helvetica Neue (Web and Mobile)

Twitter recently reverted a high-profile font change, returning to Helvetica Neue for the web after a brief period of using Gotham Narrow SSm.

On mobile devices, the font remains Helvetica Neue, Arial or the system default sans-serif font.

Colors – #55ACEE

Twitter uses a bright blue as its primary color, pairing it with variants of Twitter gray which contain blue, and black and white. Courtesy of Twitter’s brand assets page, below is an image with the full palette.

The Twitter color palette

Source: Twitter

More information on Twitter branding here.


Fonts – Roboto

Google+ uses the Roboto font, which is also the default font for Android, Google Maps and Google Play.

Colors – #dd4b39

The main ‘Google+ red’ color has a hex value of #dd4b39 and the RGB values: 221, 75, 57

More information on Google+ branding here.

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