I have previously blogged about the new Yahoo! search platform called SearchMonkey. It is a major step in the right direction. It brings a whole heap of control back into the developers lap by allowing you to represent your search results that way you want. Good idea huh?

If that wasn’t enticing enough on its own Yahoo! has sweetened the deal by creating a developers challenge offering multiple prizes worth a bit of dough.

SearchMonkey logoThere are 4 prizes worth $2,500 each:

  • Best Enhanced Result
  • Best Infobar
  • Most Innovative Use of Structured Data
  • Best Data Service

and one grand prize for best overall worth $10,000.

So go on, I know you want to. Eat some bananas (you’ll need the energy) and enter the challenge.

Oh, by the way. To help you (and myself) along on this, I will be posting a three (maybe four) part series walking through step-by-step how to develop for the next generation Web. Stay tuned…

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  • cranial-bore

    Geez, I’m still trying to learn everything about the current generation web and they release a new one.

  • david.seth.p

    cranial-bore: hahaha, thanks. Unfortunately I feel the same most of the time.

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