Featured Reader: Nick Voronin

Peter North
Lead Design Writer at SitePoint

Nick Voronin is a graphic and web designer with more than seven years of professional experience. Nick specializes in corporate identities, logos, and web-page designs. He is an art director and a founder of Voronin Design Studio located in Lviv — the art heart of Ukraine. Nick’s studio offers graphic and web design courses, some of which are taught by Nick himself.

Nick’s personal portfolio emphasizes an iterative design process, and his work samples illustrate the progressive development of his designs.

Soluky Mineral Water

Giraffe Children’s Yoga Studio

Express Logistics

Mayola Sunflower Oil

Love Day

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  • Jayson

    love your work that I have seen here. Colour so vivid,depth in it and creativity. You have given inspiration to new projects that i will tackel.

    Do you have a portfolio site to inspire great works.

    Kind Regards

  • Dmytro

    It’s just…great!