Featured Reader: Kooba


Clodagh Mahoney of design firm Kooba has written in to let us know that the team there are regular DesignFestival readers — and they’ve accomplished a lot with their small Irish shop, including receiving a 2011 eircom Golden Spider, an Irish web award. You can follow Kooba on Twitter.


topdog Grooming Studios


The Marketing Society


It Has to be Heinz

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  • Anderson Stuhler

    Very nice.

  • http://techgyo.com Sreejesh

    The last one “Heinz” is so awesome that you don’t feel that its a website, its so realistic and interactive.

  • http://www.jkb.com.au Jacob

    I’m curious to know why they’re not using CSS sprites in the Top Dog Grooming site.

    There’s a noticeable delay in the hover state when the background image hasn’t been loaded into the cache.

    Apart from that, some nice work there!

  • http://www.2creative.se Tony


  • http://www.digitalcrew.ie/ Web Designers

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