Express Manager Demo


This week was the week my PhD ramped up a notch. Presentations to give, proposals to write, references to seek. 13 hour days don’t leave much time for the .NET blog, but fear not!

Sundays are the day of rest, and as such, its nice to watch a movie instead of reading blocks of text.

Check out for a great demo of the forthcoming SQL Express Manager, as well as a good run through of what has to be, my favourite Microsoft product for years.

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  • Lew B

    Sounds promising, but can it handle databases larger than 2 gig? (Limit for MSDE, Access, etc,). To be useful for me, it has to be capable of > 2 gig.

  • Mark

    That site is in somebody’s basement on a cable modem. Good luck viewing the video.

  • miseldine

    Worked fine for me.