Escher Web Sketch

Doing cruel and unusual things to CSS since 2001

I’ve noticed there seems to have been a mini trend to using antique-looking wallpapers in some of the more stylish blogs about town lately. Of course, in theory most of the original patterns are probably still copyrighted designs.

Fear not! Pack your Java and prepare to behold the wonders of the Escher Web Sketch (not to be confused with the classic ‘Etch A Sketch’). Just select a reflection pattern, pick a pen color and start scribbling.

Although this is essentially a Java maths experiment, it’s also serves a nice little hands-on tutorial of how shape and line interact within patterns — at the very least it’s got to be a nifty accompaniment to your next coffee break.

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  • Johan Dahlstr

    Really cool. But I think that a smarter solution for the submissions wouldn’t hurt. Takes forever to load that page, and the one that you’ve just created comes last. Kinda annoying :).

    But overall, a cool tool. Thanks for the tip!

  • Dean C

    That is so much fun to play around with :) Great find!

  • cranial-bore

    Ha, that was great, and will be again in about 6 minutes when I come back to it.
    I found it loaded pretty quickly.

    Much fun.