I stumbled across this useful little article from Jason Fried from last year on ‘Epicenter Design’ this morning.

As Jason points out, it’s easy to get into the habit of starting a page layout with the ‘givens’ — elements such as the logo, search boxes, footers, etc — and finish by ‘pouring in’ the purpose of the page into whatever remains.

‘Epicenter Design’ reverses this process by identifying each page’s epicenter — the element that gives the page it’s purpose — and designing outwards from it.

A simple and relatively subtle change, but I think one that puts what the user is trying to do in sharper focus.

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Alex manages design and front end development for sitepoint.com and is SitePoint's Design and UX editor.
  • http://www.fokjou.nl/ OReason

    Thanks for the link!

  • http://www.deanclatworthy.com Dean C

    Very interesting article – thankyou for pointing it out :)!

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