Continuing on from the last instalment  in this series of articles, “Surviving logo design in the real world,” Felix writes about the components of a logo — symbols and wordmarks. As designers, we should all know the difference between a wordmark logo and a symbol based logo. When designing logos, designers will likely aspire to design symbol based logos — due to that low grade design noise out there… wordmarks seem like the easier thing to do. There are a lot more mediocre wordmarks out there than symbols

DesignFestival: Surviving Logo Design in the Real World: Symbols and Wordmarks

Felix Mak
Felix Mak, a graphic designer for 20 or so years, has been working quietly in the suburbs of Melbourne - and has more recently been delving into the art of web design and development and the wonders of shivs and javascript libraries. A strong proponent of simple design and simple communication, he has a love of the lushness of art nouveau design.

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