Hey guys, sorry for the slight delay this week — I’ve been a bit sick over the last few days but the cast is finally here, and it’s another treat. For this episode I had a chat with Matt Kelly from ZURB , the interaction design and strategy studio behind web apps like Notable and Verify . Matt and I discuss jQuery UI, the library ZURB uses extensively for their web apps. Download this Episode You can download this episode as a standalone MP3 file: Design Festival Podcast #12: ZURB, jQuery UI, and Charlie The Unicorn (MP3, 47:17, 45.5 MB) You can subscribe to the Design Festival Podcast either directly or via iTunes — add the Design Festival Podcast to iTunes

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DesignFestival: Design Festival Podcast #12: ZURB, jQuery UI, and Charlie The Unicorn

Pascal is a standardista graphic, web and front-end designer, and a rampant typophile. Born in Mainz, Germany—the birthplace of Gutenberg—he now works in Canberra as a contract designer and studies at the Australian National University. He's been actively engaged in the Open Source community and local web industry, notably as one of the unorganisers to first bring BarCamp to Canberra. He enjoys drinking in as much good type as he can get and has been happily bending beziers since 2004.

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