Finally! no more battling tons of hot fixes and bugs “workarounds”.

Macromedia released the CF MX 6.1 updater today!

So if you have a server (production or development) Click on the link above to grab your copy.

What’s in the new updater? Check out the release notes for full details, and here are a few highlights.

  • Updated JDBC drivers (Data Direct 3.3 Build 31)
  • Updated JRUN (Jrun Updater 3)
  • Updated version of Jintegra (1.6.1)
  • All security fixes through July
  • Over 60 bugs fixed in ColdFusion.

As always test before you release this onto a production system.

Thanks to Tim Buntel’s Weblog for bringing this to my attention.

  • z0s0

    That’s a lot of exclamation marks there, Eric ;-)

  • jonese

    it’s been a lont time coming. There are WAY too many hot fixes to do this one by one……

  • Agitator

    What’s even more exciting is the upcoming (2005) release of Blackstone:

    The feature set is just short of amazing and I hope it generates a lot of buzz.

  • mgwalk

    how do you know id the updater is updating?

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