Hello CloudSpringers! Starting this week, CloudSpring is getting a brand new series: Cloud Slice. We will bring you small slices from the world of the cloud every two weeks. I hope you enjoy these slices from the world of cloud computing, along with your regular diet of posts. The concept of Cloud Slice is simple: concise overviews – slices – of larger technologies and offerings.

I would love to know if you have any areas you’d like specifically covered in this series. Feel free to write me at vishal.biyani@cloudspring.com.

Vishal Biyani
My name is Vishal Biyani! I am an avid developer and a cloud enthusiast! I am lucky enough to witness some very exciting changes in technology and data landscape.

  • Anit

    I have been reading your articles for some time now. I used to be a web designer. But due to a gap in my career development , I am planning to switch over to SAP. I am planning to take up a course in one of the modules in SAP. I saw a introductory seminar on SAP BI . How do you feel about this module? Kindly advice if you are in touch with SAP system.

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